Key Features

  •   Depth – 0-25 cm
  •   Diameter probe – 18 or 21 mm
  •   Volume/sample – 35 – 55 g
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The Wintex 1000 soil sampler works 100% automatic and takes totally homogeneous samples. The soil sample is taken with a probe which ensures a completely homogeneous sample being a core of soil which is taken from the adjusted depth. The specially developed probe takes 300-450 g of soil which is automatically filled into a box ready to be sent to the laboratory.

All operations with Wintex 1000 are easily carried out from the driver’s seat. The soil sampler only needs minimum maintenance, and the probe is easily replaced. Advanced technology allows the machine to sense a rock or other destructive material beneath the surface and reverses the cycle until the soil sampler again is at a place with free entrance to the soil.

The soil sampler can be mounted on most vehicles and is easily installed with quick couplings.

If the Wintex 1000 is used in combination with a GPS positioning system, the soil samples will be geographically registered and can later on be used for variable rate lime and fertilizer maps.