Key Features

  •   Creating prescription maps, based on soil maps, soil and plant analyses
  •   Creating soil maps, based on soil analyses
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The importance of soil tests dates back to the past, when they were a key element in the fertilization process.

Nowadays we cannot speak about precision agriculture without referring to soil mapping as it is the only way to determine the presence of nutrients in soil.

There is a number of specific factors such as climate and crop characteristics, which disable farmers from standardizing fertilization when the goal is to optimize the yield. Nowadays fertilizing is one of the operations, during which farmers invest large amounts for a very short yet crucial period of time. A precise soil map requires around 60 samples for every 25 acres which means that manual probing is if not impossible way time- and resource –consuming.

For that reason NIK Agro Service provides automatic probing with Wintex 1000 and Wintex 2000. According to a recent research the quality of samples highly depends on the extraction and handling of soil after being carried out from its natural ecosystem. Our team of specialists in the field of sampling follows certain rules that insure the excellent quality of samples – sampling depth, uniform field area, proper handling of the sample, etc.

After being sent to the laboratory, agronomists conduct analysis via which they determine the content of nutrients. The results from these analyses are the base for soil maps and prescription maps for a following fertilizing.

After receiving the prescription map, farmers have two alternatives for application:

  • Adjusting the spreader manually in every plot of the field according to the prescription map
  • Loading the prescription map into a Trimble navigation display that automatically adjusts the spreader without need of farmer`s interference. This is what we call Precision Fertilizing.