Key Features

  •   Automated soil sampling
  •   Digital Soil Mapping
  •   Fertilization recommendations
  •   Plant tissue analysis
  •   Soil analysis
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NIK Agro Service presents AgroBalance service package –  full agrochemical picture of your plat.

What is included in the AgroBalance service package?

1. Automated soil sampling:

  •  standard (0 cm – 30 cm);
  • deeper (30 cm – 60 cm) – upon request.


2. Soil analysis with state of the art equipment, including:

  • pH;
  • particle size distribution;
  • total soluble salts;
  • total and available for plant uptake forms of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, copper, zinc etc.


3. Plant tissue analysis – by analyzing the chemical composition of plant tissue, we provide information about current content of assimilated nutrients and we make recommendations on improving plant nutrition management.

4. Digital Soil Mapping – creation of geographically referenced soil databases, using field boundaries and soil/ plant samples coordinates coupled with laboratory test results of the same samples. The information is visually presented in the form of multiple layers that are displayed on a map of every single field and is marked in a way that facilitates its interpretation.

5. Fertilization recommendations and consultancy – based on the results our specialists create fertilization recommendations that meet crop nutrient requirements in accordance with a farmer’s specific crop rotation plan and desired yields.


If farmers want to withhold nutrient application in nutrient sufficient areas and to apply more fertilizers in nutrient deficient areas, they can easily achieve it by VRA technology (it allows farmers to apply different materials at a variable rate).

During vegetation period we advise growers to sample plants and soil again and send them for analysis, so we could make corrections to the initial plant nutrition program.

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