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Planeta-98 Ltd. – the village of Polikraishte, Veliko Tarnovo region, , total cultivated land area: 3 500 decares, Nikolai Neshev

We have started working with NIK Agro Service Ltd. during 2012-2013 agricultural season by commissioning soil sampling, analysis and plant nutrition recommendations for the entire cultivated land area. Later on, their laboratory prepared the soil sample analysis required by the EU measure 214.

In the beginning of 2014 we executed detailed soil sampling in corn fields.  During the corn vegetation period we took both soil and plant control samples in order to determine the cause of weaker development in some of the field areas.

Both times we have followed the provided nutrition recommendations based on the obtained analysis results. We have improved our technology by renting on-ground equipment for watering the corn plantations in a later stage of development. Unlike previous years, this time we supplied plants with the necessary elements whose deficiency we have discovered by the plant analysis.

Plants responded positively: less spots on weak-looking plants and very good yield.

We are planning to perform new control analysis of soil and plant samples. We would like to amend the plant nutrition program according to up to date results.

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