NIK Agro Service at Agritechnika 2015

agritechnika cover
Author: 18.02.2016
In 2015 NIK Elektronics took part in the International agricultural exhibition Agritechnika. Main focus of the event was the integration between the services of NIK Agro Service and the GeoSCAN platform for crop monitoring with high resolution satellite imagery.

GeoSCAN was introduced to the farmers in 2014 and since then is used for localization of underdeveloped blocks of the farm fields. The new interface of GeoSCAN 2.0 also includes soil and plant tissue sampling maps, based on laboratory results. This new addition to the platform allows for more precise monitoring of the crop.


The integration between soil sampling and analysis from the specialists of NIK Agro Service and the new capabilities of GeoSCAN 2.0 allows farmers to plan their plant nutrition and to increase their yields. The aim is to provide a holistic monitoring of the crops, which can be useful farmers not only in Bulgaria.


If you want to learn how to use the services of NIK Agro Service and GeoSCAN for your fields, contact as at +359 2 844 35 05.

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