About NIK

Meet our team

Who are we?

Knowing the specific structure of the soil is the first step towards successful farming. For that reason the team of NIK Agro Service is made of experienced chemists and agronomists, who are well-trained and prepared to provide farmers with the assistance they need. As we are aware of the importance of agriculture, we do our best to live up to the high expectations with high-quality services.

Thanks to the modern equipment, the laboratory of NIK Agro Service is the most productive one within the Balkan Peninsula with its daily capacity of analysis of 200 samples.

What do we do?

In our modern lab in Sofia we make soil and plant analysis for all macro and micro elements according to a standardized methodology that guarantees the accuracy and the representativeness of results. In addition to that for soil samples we can offer determination of other parameters such as humus, pH, electrical conductivity and etc.

On the field our team is ready to face any challenge with off-road vehicle from ATV type and make fast automatic soil sampling. Thanks to Trimble GPS devices our team scouts plot for every soil sample. Based on these plots it is easier to create a soil map after analyzing the samples.

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